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December 20, 2021

Digital Engineering: Insights and Opportunities

With companies embracing digital transformation, digital engineering is opening up new and exciting possibilities for the future.

The way companies do business, whether they are small or large-scale businesses, has changed. This change was further accelerated by the lockdowns brought about due to the pandemic. Traditional businesses are now looking to operate online to reach out to customers. This is where digital engineering comes in. “When it comes to marrying online with offline efforts, technology is not a driver, but it is critical to making it happen,” said a famous marketeer in the US. Technology helps businesses onboard their hardware-intensive lifecycle management online by leveraging data and technology to come up with new solutions or improve existing applications.

In its present state, digital engineering is an emerging industry term. While similar to software engineering, it has benefits due to its importance in simulation and modeling. It offers lots of scope as it is utilized to manage the entire lifecycle activities of a system of systems, from concept to development and deployment to disposal and not just software components.

Services under digital engineering

Digital engineering is an all-encompassing term, under which companies are offered a host of services. It involves rethinking of entire business operations, models and relationships with ecosystems and customers, for which companies need support in solving their software development challenges. For companies embracing digital transformation, the journey can be an uphill task starting with maintaining continuity between offline and online and streamlining services. This has unveiled opportunities for many engineering careers in this field.

Applications of digital engineering 

The biggest goal of digital engineering is the creation of a digital twin, which is basically recreating a virtual replica of a company’s physical system. This feature is helpful in reducing the money, time and even the power used by the company that is otherwise spent on testing and repeating the design of new technologies. Other examples include the Internet of Things (IoT), automation and cloud services. IoT allows companies to perform real-time monitoring. Automation can be used not to replace manpower but for security analytics and incident detection to enhance the safety of a company’s assets and employees. By enabling cloud migration, companies can improve their delivery time and reduce their cost-of-ownership by getting rid of outdated infrastructure and hardware.

Opportunities in digital engineering

This field sees the meeting of different technologies, including the Internet of Things, 5G, artificial intelligence/machine learning, automation, cybersecurity, cloud and Blockchain, among others. Due to the use of disruptive new technologies, recent graduates are better equipped to advance in this field as they will have a shorter learning curve with less unlearning to do. They can fast-track their career by signing up for employment-oriented courses like HCL First Careers. The programme is a short-term course that introduces students to these new-age tech skills and prepares them for their careers after graduation.

As part of a digital engineering team, engineers are required to work with systems and/or software engineers. They are responsible for designing, integrating, coding, testing, debugging, etc. They have to ensure a seamless digital transition for the customer and provide services such as customer reach management; ecosystem monetization; platform development, deployment and management, etc. They are also involved in the management of customers’ assets, infrastructure, devices, operations and applications in a hybrid cloud environment. 

Businesses that want to succeed and enter the new age of competition are looking towards digital engineering. Engineers looking to make their career in tech need to take heed and follow suit by developing their new-age tech skills for use in Industry 4.0. 

Shiva Prasad
about author

Shiva Prasad has over 20 years of Global IT experience in technology and leadership roles across various geos. He is currently a Global Operations Director, HCL Technologies and Center Head of HCL Vijayawada. Shiva is strategic thinker with strong business & technology acumen and has a proven record of leading large IT businesses successfully. He also has an approved (granted) patent on “Location based search services. He can be reached at Shiva Prasad , PMP ”.

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