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April 19, 2022


The pandemic has reigned havoc across the world but like the saying there is a good and bad in everything in life. The pandemic has accelerated an already evolving digital transformation across all industries, geographies and job roles. The field of Human Resources is no exception.

Digital HR is the digital transformation impacting the human resources industry, driven mainly by data collection and tech advancements. Digital HR adapts new tech-based ways to perform traditional human resource functions including helping companies reach their people strategy goals.

How much Digital HR a company uses depends on a case-by-case basis. While some companies may begin by exploring the paperless route to begin with, others may make more significant changes in their recruitment and training process. Furthermore, Digital HR also includes advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Complex Automation and HR Analytics.

So, what are some of the digitized HR processes that have already happened and we are familiar with?

  • Recruitment Automation : Digital HR is making way for tasks like posting jobs and receiving job applications to be automated leaving time for HR professionals to invest time for other projects. Typically, repetitive tasks which are schedule-based are automated.
  • Virtual Interviews: Traditionally, interviews required the candidates to travel to a specific location to meet their interviewers. However, the advent of video-conferencing technologies like Zoom, Skype and Teams (only made more prevalent due to the pandemic) has reduced the need for travel with virtual interviews becoming the new norm.
  • Online On-Boarding & Training: The first week at work was always an exciting one with its own fair share of routines like filling up a lot of paperwork, getting an ID card, attending on-boarding programs and training protocols and meeting team members. However, due to the social restrictions brought forth by the pandemic, many companies digitized these processes. Video conferencing software has made digital versions of on-boarding and virtual training possible.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Digital HR?

Digital HR comes with its own fair share of advantages. However, like any process, companies must pay attention to the potential challenges and work to address them. The advantages include increased overall efficiency especially with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning supporting data collection and analysis. During the recruitment process, Digital HR helps companies quickly identify the right candidates by setting filters on not only the  basic qualifications needed to apply but also necessary filters for every stage of the interview advancement process.

Automation of repetitive tasks frees up time for HR professionals to re-allocate their time for more important projects. Digital HR also meets the needs of a changing workforce who value flexibility, enhanced work-life balance and remote working options. Embracing Digital HR encourages companies to become more data-driven which in-turn improves productivity since relevant metrics for an enhanced work environment are immediately available.

Embracing Digital HR in a balanced way

So, what lies on the flip side of the coin? Companies must remember that despite the best of digitization, it is eventually  people that matter. Human Resources at the core is about building, deepening and enhancing human connections within an organization and making employees feel a sense of belonging to their company. Digitization must not come at the cost of losing human touch. Therefore, companies including mangers and team leaders must ensure to reach out to employees in appropriate ways and ensure that the human touch is not lost. Digitization also opens potential for security breaches. Hence, proper information security protocols must continue to support digitization. Companies must have a robust online security system that not only supports their business growth but also ensures the safety of their employees.

Closer to home at HCL First Careers, diverse aspects of the program have been digitized to not only accommodate the pandemic-related restrictions but also get prepared for the digital tomorrow.

Due to the unprecedented changes brought forth by the pandemic, TechBee candidates have access to virtual huddles, team meetings and our network of counselors and mentors to ensure that they stay connected to their teams and committed to the program. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of Digital HR? How has your experience been with Digital HR as a user? Let us know!  

Prabhat Ranjan
about author

Prabhat Ranjan has more than 16 Years of experience in Leading Startup, Process Building, Conceptualization & Process Execution, Branding, Recruitment, Training, & other Generalist role of which 10 years only have been in Leadership & Strategic Role. He is a dynamic speaker, trainer, presenter; skilled in innovatively delivering effective presentations to diverse audience. He may be reached at Prabhat Ranjan

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