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February 4, 2021

Go for Insight, Not Just Oversight!

Some of the most careless mistakes happen when we focus more on the overall goal and not bother to get a deeper understanding of the work at hand. How can we avoid such unintentional mistakes? Say you have been handed the responsibility of overseeing a project at college. The first mistake most people make is to not set up a process that will help them achieve the end goal. To finalize any process, you will first need to get a deeper insight into what the work entails. This will help you understand what you have to do and how to get it done. Apart from overcoming redundant mistakes, having a deeper insight into what you are doing helps you become more efficient and productive. In this article, you will learn some tips on how to be more insightful to get things done smoothly and efficiently. 

Generally defined as the ability to gain an accurate understanding of a thing, ‘insight’ allows one to think outside the box by gaining an in-depth knowledge of any work, problem or thing. When you have a clear understanding of the problem, you are able to frame it better. Framing the problem will help you consider and evaluate different solutions to it. The more time you spend looking and understanding it, the more ideas you will have to approach a solution. This type of thinking fosters creativity and helps you become an adept problem solver. Each idea will lead you to a possible solution or a more efficient way of wrapping things up. 

Analyze and think up alternative solutions

To become good at any task, you will have to go through many trials and/or the benefit to work alongside experienced colleagues or mentors. Unfortunately, the current forms of education in India are still a long way to go on preparing students to learn to self-analyze and rationalize themselves. They usually rely on bookish solutions for problems at the school and college level. However unfortunately, this method does not help in the long run when they set out on their own. Although professional degrees teach to a great extent but the deficit, of all the growing up years, is not completely overcome. The good news is that an insight is not intuitive but a skill that can be learned through hard work over a period of time.”Train yourself to research well into any project you take on. Read up and learn as much as possible about the project. Always look for alternative solutions to any problem but do not fall into a time trap by thinking up unnecessarily unreasonable solutions. 

Invest in short-term professional development courses

Despite highly qualified degrees, many fresher graduates in India struggle to grow their management and soft skills, like communication, collaboration, and teamwork, that are necessary and highly-priced in any corporation or workplace. Even if you have just completed your graduation, you can still invest in professional development, by enrolling in job-oriented courses for graduates like HCL First Careers, for fresher engineers and graduates. Such courses provide training, support, and workplace mentoring that is ideal to become more insightful and thereby better yourself at doing your job. This training program not only challenges students to develop holistic, critical, and creative thinking but also guarantees career opportunities in HCL to those who successfully complete the program.

Focus harder by making good use of your time 

Many people confuse insight with intuition, because sometimes the solution appears suddenly to a problem. However, like mentioned above, insight is not an intuitive skill. It is not the solution which appears ‘suddenly’ but that we suddenly recognize or understand a possible and more efficient solution after spending ages thinking over the problem. So the key thing to remember here is to think long and hard about the problem. In today’s age with constant disruptive changes in technology happening around us, students are forced into the mindset of reacting and thinking on the spot. But the number of hours in a day have not changed and like everyone else, we still have the same time available to us. Better management of this time and focus will help you dedicate yourself more fully to a project. 

Thinking insightfully is not just a passive and one-way activity. To develop insights, you will have to expose yourself to different views/ideas by discussing with other people, engaging mentors or reaching out to people, senior classmates or colleagues in a similar line of work. Make sure to apply either or all of these tips the next time you approach any project.

Vineet Tandon
about author

Vineet Tandon has over 18 years of corporate experience and has held marketing function across organizations like FICCI, Business Standard, Centum Learning and Oracle Corporation. He currently heads marketing & talent branding for New Vistas vertical of HCL Technologies. He is also India’s First & Only Musical Motivational Speaker, Author, Podcaster and a Columnist. You may reach him on: Vineet Tandon

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