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March 3, 2022

How important are internships with good leaders in a growing company?

Learn how a good internship will help you explore your career further and gain valuable work experience

Today, interning before you land a full-time job is becoming commonplace and even necessary. While the good news is that there are lots of internships available for college students and graduates, not many of them are worth it. You don’t want to waste your time interning for little to no pay just doing the mundane and time-consuming job that no full-time employee does. You will have to be critical and selective in choosing your internship. To know the importance of an internship with good leaders in a growing company, take a look at the below criteria that any internship should fulfill.

  1. Provide you practical and mentoring experience

Yes, every internship is a way for you to get some hands-on experience and put your theoretical knowledge to practice, but remember the keyword here is mentored. Most good internships are short-term, ranging from 3 months to a year. The program could be a group mentorship or an individual one-on-one mentored internship. If the internship doesn’t specify any mentorship or training by industry mentors, it’s likely that the internship is just a way to fill up a short-term job or a way for start-ups to get routine work done. The takeaway is that you will not get any valuable feedback on the work you are performing if it’s even an important job. An internship under good leaders will help you hone your skills, show off your up-to-date knowledge and out-of-box thinking and learn how to succeed under experienced colleagues. While many top internship programs today are locked up by select MBA and high-learning colleges, there are career-oriented courses that provide the same or even better experiences. HCL First Careers is among the best professional courses after graduation that let you pick up new technical skills, soft skills, work with mentors, and land a job on successful completion!

2. Help you transition into a workplace and become more professional

This is an often overlooked benefit of a good internship. For many, the first year or two in the workforce is spent just trying to figure out. As a result, many end up quitting their first job even if it’s a good one just because of a hectic or bad experience. A good internship will prepare you for a smoother transition into the workplace. Unlike a regular, full-time job, you have more room to learn new things at a more manageable pace. You will not have daily deadlines you need to catch up to or a lower work pressure allowing you to blossom into a better productive and efficient team member. Internships with good mentors will be well-designed so that you have a strong learning support system that brings out the best in you.

3. Prove all-round work-life experience to know if the profile fits you

You might have shortlisted your career path when you selected your major in college, but you may still be confused about which profile or technology will be the best fit for you. This is the shortest way for you to move on from company to company without it having a negative impact on your resume. In fact, the more diverse internships or job-oriented courses you complete, the better your resume will look. A good internship provides you an all-round experience of live working. You should get to learn a lot of soft skills that are not taught in most colleges, including applied communication, language proficiency, time management, strategy or deductive reasoning, etc. The benefit of completing more than one internship successfully is not just knowing whether you are cut out for the work or making your final career call, but also introducing you to diverse ways of thinking and working.

Get ahead of your peers, by being selective when it comes to choosing an internship. Make sure the internship meets all the above criteria and gives you a holistic work experience to actually help you get started one step ahead in your career. Follow the saying ‘The morning shows the day’. The right kind of internship experience can go a long way in creating the right impression of a long professional innings.

Vineet Tandon
about author

Vineet Tandon has over 18 years of corporate experience and has held marketing function across organizations like FICCI, Business Standard, Centum Learning and Oracle Corporation. He currently heads marketing & talent branding for New Vistas vertical of HCL Technologies. He is also India’s First & Only Musical Motivational Speaker, Author, Podcaster and a Columnist.

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