iBelieve is a career-focused program for women who are considering to re-start their careers. Designed to empower women, this fee-based training program provides women with an opportunity to upskill themselves and get back to work. The idea here is to help women upstart their career and pick up from where they left.

The program is apt for women who are looking to make a comeback in the IT sector and invest in themselves. HCL assures that women who join the program will be trained on the latest technical and business skills so that they can work in the demanding jobs of today. The duration and type of training will differ based on the varying experience levels of women who enrol for this program. Recently ranked #30 on Forbes list of World’s Best Employers, HCL always focuses on employee growth, best people practices and intrapreneurship encouragement.



Women with minimum 6 months of experience and career break, willing to bring their careers back.

Selection process

Applicants will be assessed for job suitability in both roles – Learning Consultant and Tech Roles in IT Delivery

Program fees

Starting from INR 150,000 + taxes depending upon the course that you are eligible for. HCL has formed institutional tie-ups to help women with bank loans.

Job Roles :

Post assessment of the right fitment, returning employees will be offered part-time and full-time jobs either of Learning Consultant/Guide/Mentor or full-time tech roles in IT delivery

Training :

Basis knowledge and previous stint with HCL, you will be upskilled in a tech track through customised training

Salary :

Commensurate with experience and industry standards

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