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Angelina Clement Arland

HCL First Careers program was a life-changing decision for me because I was restarting my career after a gap of three years (I had just become a mother then). The training provided, improved my technical skills and provided much-needed communication skills needed to succeed in the corporate world. I am excited to have re-started my career and have also made many good friends during the program.

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IT Careers – Then, Now and The Future

It has been just over 50 years since the information technology age began. But in that time, a lot has changed. We are yet again on the brink of witnessing another upheaval in the IT career industry.

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A Journey from Software Engineer to Dev/Ops

Do you feel you have gained sound knowledge of the SDLC framework and want to try your hand at things other than writing code?

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Go for Insight, Not Just Oversight!

Some of the most careless mistakes happen when we focus more on the overall goal and not bother to get a deeper understanding of the work at hand.

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How to ‘Own Your Career’ in Technology?

You’ve just completed a rigorous 4-year engineering or IT degree and it’s now time to pick up a job based on your specialisation and interests. After the …

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